Title bonds

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Title bonds

Title bonds are an alternative to replacing a lost or stolen title.

Bonded titles are required to register a vehicle when the original title is lost or stolen. The certificate of title bond guarantees money is available to cover damages of the vehicle for which the title bond is issued. The price of the title bond is based on the value of the vehicle.

Here’s how to acquire a title based on a surety bond. First, the owner of the vehicle must reside in the state in which the car is being registered. Next, the vehicle cannot be older than a 1985 model. Finally, the vehicle cannot be abandoned

TDS offers bonds for as low as $100. Quotes at TDS are free!

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Title bonds

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Some states also require a police inspection of the vehicle in order for it to be registered. This form will come attached to your title bond. Contact your local police department to fill out the form.

Need information changed on a title bond? If you purchased a bond with TDS, we’ll file for a rider to change any info on the bond.

Also, Thoroughbred Dealer Services has tons of links to help new dealers. Don’t forget to check our dealer resource pages for more information on tags, titles, and vehicle registration. We organized resources by state.