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Car Dealer (Garage)
Liability Insurance and Bonds

Our licensed insurance professionals are ready to provide you the best quotes on garage liability insurance, dealer bonds, and title bonds

We work with over 14 companies to ensure we provide you the best quote on the market for a policy that will protect your business and meets state standards.

Increase your protection by adding physical damage coverage for your inventory!

Coverage across the Southeast

Thoroughbred Dealer Services is based in metro-Atlanta and provides dealer insurance and bond solutions.Thoroughbred Dealer Services provides solutions to customers in North and South Carolina.Thoroughbred Dealer Services has markets in Alabama. Thoroughbred Dealer Services offers markets in Texas. Thoroughbred Dealer Services has customers in Florida.Thoroughbred Dealer Services has markets in Mississippi.

Thoroughbred Dealer Services knows car dealers and we know the southeast. TDS has customers in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Missouri, and Rhode Island.

We have insurance and bond products and solutions that can meet your state’s minimum limits and beyond. We can provide comprehensive and collision coverage for your vehicles. Ask us about uninsured motorist coverage!

Frequently Asked Dealer Insurance Questions:

What does a garage liability policy usually cost?

Your quotes through us are free.

When it comes to insurance premiums, however, it depends. Insurance carriers collect motor vehicle records, loss runs, and rate policies based on the number of employees you have at your business. The number of drivers with furnished use of dealer plates will also affect the price of a liability premium. Also, the more coverage you want, the more it affects the premium.

What do I need for a quote?

In short, basic information for an insurance quote is included in the application above.

For established businesses, insurance companies will ask for your insurance history and require loss runs (a record of claims with your prior insurance carriers). Companies may also pull motor vehicle dealer records to rate drivers on the policy.

Does the credit pull for a dealer bond affect my credit?

No. Our bond partners use a soft credit pull to rate your bond that will not affect your credit score.

How long does a quote usually take?

We typically have a response from our underwriting office in 24-48 hours.

How long are policy terms?

Our commercial policy terms last 12 months.

Can I finance my policy?

Yes! We offer finance options for our customers’ premiums.



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