About Thoroughbred Dealer Services

Thoroughbred Dealer Services

Thoroughbred Dealers Services was started from a desire to provide independent used car dealers with an affordable means to acquire assistance in their day to day operations and valuable professional services.

Many startup dealers who have previous automotive experience are limited to one or two areas of expertise. Thoroughbred Dealer Services provides the means for these dealers to “bridge the gap” in knowledge and/or personnel which will allow their dealership to grow to its fullest potential. Thoroughbred’s professional services may be used as a startup, interim or full time service. Our goal is to provide you, the dealer, with expert services in the area you need, when you need them.

Thoroughbred’s staff brings over 100 years automotive experience to your service. Among our principles we have owned and operated multiple franchise dealerships, used car operations and buy-here-pay-here lots. We have managed sales departments, finance departments, service departments, body shops, parts departments and dealership offices. We literally have experience in every position there is in an automobile business.

What does this mean to you? You have a friend that is there to assist you and we are only a phone call away. Whatever your question may be, give us a call. You will find that we take great interest in providing you the best advice possible and are truly interested in your success. We enjoy working with all size automotive businesses.

Each service that we provide is directed to giving you value.

If you succeed, we succeed. That’s the bottom line.