Garage Liability Insurance

Licensed used car dealers assume the responsibility of having garage liability insurance and a surety bond to meet their dealer license requirement.

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Thoroughbred Dealer Services is the destination for your car dealer startup needs, including an insurance quote. In addition, we help customers with established businesses save money. Not only do we specialize in the Used Car Dealer, but we have a variety of competitive markets for Commercial Auto, Commercial Property, General Liability, and Professional Liability. Please take a short moment to complete our online app below. If any blanks do not apply to you, complete them with “N/A”. For any assistance don’t hesitate you call us! (678) 866-0750

Applications for insurance quotes can be submitted online.

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Requirements vary by state, so make sure you’re compliant and asking for the correct coverage limits.

Insurance quote and surety bond

Title bonds can be used to apply for a replacement vehicle title if the original was lost or stolen.

Some states also require car dealers to purchase a surety bond. Commercial surety bonds guarantee an obligation. This is described in the bond. Federal, state, and local governments require businesses to purchase these bonds. 

Federal, state, or local governments require a license and permit bond. In other words, these bonds include auto dealer bonds.

Thoroughbred Dealer Services can provide you a same-day bond quote. Call for details about surety bonds.

Title bonds

A bonded title replaces a lost or stolen title. If you’re looking for a title bond, apply for a quote on our website!

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Thoroughbred Dealer Services aspires to be the No. 1 Resources for Independent Motor Vehicle Dealers in the southeast. Therefore, we want your insurance shopping experience to be stress-free.

We have years of car dealer experience and insight. Also, we’ll stop at nothing to help you save money!