The future of car-buying: What dealerships in 2030 need to stay relevant

In August 2018, leading two-sided digital automotive marketplace Cars.com announced Matthew Gold as Chief Strategy Officer. Gold's experience across strategy development, technology and consulting, made him responsible for evolving and expanding the company’s long-term growth strategy and creating strategic alignment across all Cars.com brands. Also, Gold worked at Google, where he served as a head of [...]

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Auto industry boosts retail sales in June 2020

Open economies, government stimulus, and steady demand are making a financial impact as the auto industry boosts retail revenues this summer, reports said. The COVID-19 pandemic sent the economy into a tailspin in 2020, but some encouraging signs came from June economic numbers suggesting the retail industry is slowly beginning to bounce back. Retails sales [...]

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Advertising that works: Tips to better market your dealership

Review your operational budget for the year and determine what you can spend on advertising. NIADA recommends $250 for each car sold in 2019. Determine how you're going to invest that money. Dealers selling vehicles less than $15,000 should be using Facebook Marketplace through an approved provider. It's your cheapest option and gets the most [...]

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Strategies used by buy-here, pay-here dealers to collect during COVID-19?

For Buy-Here, Pay-Here car dealerships, sales isn't everything. Collecting is the dealer's No. 1 priority. Perhaps it's what's keeping you going through the economic slowdown. If you're noticing customers struggling to keep their promises due to lost jobs or income, there's a way for you to accommodating these customers instead of cutting them loose. Work [...]

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5 car dealer sales tips to boost your bottom line

In the April 2020 edition of Used Car Dealer Magazine, motivational sales speaker, trainer and author John Chapin laid out some sales techniques that can apply to car dealers. Build relationships. Salesmen are most effective talking to people over the phone or in person. Know the sale process. Stay active and talking to customers. Spend [...]

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