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The future of car-buying: What dealerships in 2030 need to stay relevant

In August 2018, leading two-sided digital automotive marketplace Cars.com announced Matthew Gold as Chief Strategy Officer. Gold's experience across strategy development, technology and consulting, made him responsible for evolving and expanding the company’s long-term growth strategy and creating strategic alignment across all Cars.com brands. Also, Gold worked at Google, where he served as a head of [...]

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FAQ about being a licensed auto broker in Georgia

Sometimes, a licensed auto broker feels that they spend too much time cutting through red tape. In Georgia, the Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Board governs business practices and licensing for car dealers and brokers. The board's rule can be strict and the process can be slow. Ultimately, most rules are in place to protect customers [...]

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5 tips for finding the right business insurance

Shopping for commercial liability insurance is not necessarily what business owners dream about while they chase their dream. Many people starting a business don't even know the options they have an how it could protect their business. How can you save on business insurance? Here are a few tips to help you save when shopping [...]

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Auto industry boosts retail sales in June 2020

Open economies, government stimulus, and steady demand are making a financial impact as the auto industry boosts retail revenues this summer, reports said. The COVID-19 pandemic sent the economy into a tailspin in 2020, but some encouraging signs came from June economic numbers suggesting the retail industry is slowly beginning to bounce back. Retails sales [...]

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States permitting electronic signatures on title applications, some other documents

To mitigate risk of the public spreading COVID-19 while conducting routine business, state governments have lifted some restrictions on which documents now permit scanned or electronic signatures. Previously, documents pertaining to car titles, such as title applications and bonds, needed to be signed and sealed in ink. States such as Florida and Georgia are holding [...]

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White House and Centers for Disease Control Guidelines for opening businesses during COVID-19

3 Phases to safely open up businesses in America, according to the White House and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The White House and CDC have published a presentation with guidelines for opening businesses in America. Car dealers can follow some of these guidelines to show customers they have their health and safety in mind: Phase [...]

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Advertising that works: Tips to better market your dealership

Review your operational budget for the year and determine what you can spend on advertising. NIADA recommends $250 for each car sold in 2019. Determine how you're going to invest that money. Dealers selling vehicles less than $15,000 should be using Facebook Marketplace through an approved provider. It's your cheapest option and gets the most [...]

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How are used car dealers handling COVID-19? Apparently, pretty well

 National Independent Automobile Dealers Association survey finds independent car dealers are retaining employees at a high rate.  Fast facts: Seventy-two percent of the respondents are still open for business with social distancing protocols in place, many by appointment only or online. Twenty-seven percent of the dealerships reported having closed temporarily, and only 1 percent have closed permanently. [...]

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Strategies used by buy-here, pay-here dealers to collect during COVID-19?

For Buy-Here, Pay-Here car dealerships, sales isn't everything. Collecting is the dealer's No. 1 priority. Perhaps it's what's keeping you going through the economic slowdown. If you're noticing customers struggling to keep their promises due to lost jobs or income, there's a way for you to accommodating these customers instead of cutting them loose. Work [...]

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What’s F&I’s role in educating customers during COVID-19?

F&I can also be a great benefit to the contact-less transaction at the completion of the deal and when the consumer then takes ownership of the delivered vehicle, writes Tim Blachowiak, VP of dealer sales at Protective Asset Protection. Dealers want to leverage the online experience to remove any friction that historically was perceived to [...]

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