Automotive Accounting

One of the most important things you can do to be successful in any business is to know and understand your numbers.

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Automotive accounting by Thoroughbred is targeted to independent used dealers who have a limited budget but still want to know their numbers to properly manage their business.

A common mistake we see in faltering independent dealers is the failure to pull a financial statement each month and understand what is there.Thoroughbred Dealer Services can provides dealer accounting and bookkeeping solutions on a budget you cannot afford to pass by. Our experts have a vast background in automotive accounting, fully understand the ratios you need to be profitable and can assist you in meeting all of your tax reporting responsibilities.

Accounting Services

 • Dealer Accounting Service
• Monthly or Quarterly Statements
• Sales and Use Tax Reports
• Year End Statements
• Tax Return Filing
• Expense Control
• Efficiency Consulting
• Tax Planning
• Technology Evaluation

Call for a free phone consultation and learn what Thoroughbred Dealer Services can do for you.

Thoroughbred Dealer Services

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