Dealer Pre-License Seminars

The Georgia Board of Used Motor Vehicle Dealers rule 681-3-.01(e) requires that applicants for a Used Motor Vehicle Dealer license attend a Board approved used car Dealer Pre-License Seminar. Thoroughbred Dealer Services conducts Board approved dealer pre-license seminars on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month. Each attendee is instructed in the areas as described by the Board. A Dealer Handbook and Reference Manual is provided to each attendee for course instruction and future reference.


Thoroughbred's instructors have decades of automobile dealer experience in multiple new and used car operations. They are there to assist you with any questions you may have. We are very serious about assisting you in getting off to a proper start. If you succeed, we succeed!

Dealer Pre-Licensing Topics

• Meeting Georgia Used Car Dealer License Requirements
• Georgia Board of Used Motor Vehicle Dealers Rules and Regulations
• Auto Dealer Tax Collection and Filing
• Vehicle Tag and Title Documents and Procedures
• Auto Dealer Paperwork and Record Keeping
• The Fair Business Practices Act
• General Discussion Topics

Auto Dealer License Requirements (Simplified Short List)

Who it applies to:
Used car dealers, used car wholesale dealers, auto brokers, independent motor vehicle leasing agencies which sell or offer to sell used motor vehicles, used motor vehicle auction companies and pawnbrokers who sell motor vehicles to the public.

Attend a Board Approved Dealer Pre-Licensing Seminar
• Have a Sales Tax Certificate (ST-2)
• Meet Established Place of Business requirement
• Carry Garage Liability Insurance in the proper amounts
• Obtain a Surety Bond for the required amount
• Complete a GAPS Background Check
• File the required Dealer License paperwork with the appropriate fee

During the course of the Pre-Licensing Seminar, your instructor will thoroughly define the specifics of each requirement. Prior to signing a lease for a location or purchasing insurance, please make sure your chosen location for an "established place of business" is within the Boards guidelines.


To download a Georgia Used Car Dealer License application click here.

Convenient and Easy to Find
Pre-License Seminar Location
Avoid the Traffic

Our pre-license seminars are conveniently located off of Interstate 85 on the north side of Atlanta.
Only 30 minutes from I-285
(Spaghetti Junction) and 20 minutes from Pleasant Hill Road.

Snacks, Refreshments
and Coffee provided.

No Seminars Scheduled at this time. Please visit again soon.

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