Introducing Thoroughbred Dealer Service's

Dealer Inventory Co-op Program

In August 2011 Thoroughbred Dealer Services will launch a free inventory co-op service for all of our valued customers. It is our goal to promote our dealers success and we believe this is just one big way we can say thanks.


We know that with the quality of dealers we do business with, this is sure to be a "game-changing" program for each who choose to participate. As an addition to our Dealer Advantage Program there is no cost to the dealer. The only requirement to participate is to be a customer for one of our many on-going services.

What is an Inventory Co-op?

In our case an inventory co-op begins with a collaboration of independent used car dealers. Separate collections of inventory are virtually combined, increasing channel efficiency. Demand by one party is fulfilled by available inventory owned by another party. Inventory-sharing is more than dumping dead inventory or living off others’ inventory investment - it is true synergy between peer dealers. For many independent dealers, inventory-sharing can be a game-changer.


An Inventory Co-op benefits independent dealers and their customers. It's a win-win situation.

Program Outline


Participation - Be a Thoroughbred Dealer Service's On-going Customer (Insurance/Tax/Dealer Support)


Program Rules -